Hi! My name is Molly and I am a mother and grandmother with a lifelong love of fashion and especially jewelry. For years I have made jewelry for friends and family and after retiring in 2015 from a thirty year career in healthcare, I decided to turn my love for jewelry making into a retirement business.

I have always loved  and been attracted to stones and am amazed by the transformation they undergo from their raw state when mined, to their finished cut state ready to be fashioned into jewelry. I believe the jewelry you choose to wear should be as individual as you are.  Each piece of jewelry, has its own unique character. My goal is to offer jewelry that is both beautiful, and affordable in price.  Jewelry should not have to be expensive to be both beautiful and eye catching!

So please browse my collection, and if you see something you would like to own and wear, I thank you for your purchase!  I hope to be able to update this collection on a regular basis, so check in and see what’s new from time to time!

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