Throughout the ages man has had an attraction to stones. early man made amulets and talismans using different stones to afford him protection. Beads made from Mammoth ivory have been found in ancient caves.  The ancient Egyptians used stones like Turquoise, Lapis lazuli, Carnelian and quartz to bring them good health and for protection. Many of the stones used in making jewelry are crystals, living organisms belonging to the Mineral Kingdom. Crystals are .collections of ions, atoms and molecules arranged naturally in a specific geometric pattern. Crystals emit an energy vibration as they transmit, store and receive light. Man has been aware of this energy for thousands of years and has used it to restore mental, physical and spiritual balance in the body.All stones emit energy, crystals emitting he strongest.                 

Amethyst is a beautiful crystal ranging in color from dark purple to lavender. They are commonly found throughout the world, being mined in the Americas, Russia, parts of Africa and India. Known for it's protective, meditative and calming properties, it is widely used to promote peace, calm and balance in the body. The Romans called it the "Sobriety Stone" and would actually place it in their goblets to help prevent becoming too drunk! Amethyst is widely used in jewelry because of its beautiful colors and translucent beauty.

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